Women in the Woods

The goal of Women in the Woods is to bring together College of Forestry faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and professionals in forest-related fields from small businesses, industry, government agencies, non-profit organizations, etc. for networking,  information, resources, and mentorship.    

We meet for a luncheon once per term (4 times per year) and invite speakers to present information, resources, etc. on a variety of topics of interest to the members of the network. Our 2016-17 luncheons are generally scheduled from 12:00-1:30 p.m. dates and locations are TBA at this time.

We're interested in knowing about members' interest in conference participation and topic areas. Please take a few minutes to complete our short survey.

We are excited to announce the Women in the Woods Mentorship Program!  We've joined with Women Owning Woodlands and the Master Woodland Managers Program, among other businesses and agencies, to offer our members the opportunity to expand upon existing knowledge and networks, gain new skills, and meet regularly with a working professional through our mentorship program.  

Would you like to apply for the mentorship program?  Please click on the appropriate application below.  Completed applications can be emailed to or mailed to Women in the Woods, attn: Kira Hughes, OSU College of Forestry, Peavy Hall 250, Corvallis, OR  97331

Mentor Application
Protege Application


We are very interested in working with students, community partners, researchers, and other professionals on the growth and development of this network.  All ideas are welcome! 

Do you have an idea for a speaker/presentation?  

Would you like to join the steering committee?

Please contact Kira Hughes at 541-737-3475.


Would you like to join our email list?  You can request to be subscribed by sending an email to:

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What are we working on for the future?

  • Women in the Woods Annual Conference
  • Partnering with agencies, industry, non-profits, etc. to expand our new mentorship program