Roxanne Kanable


Oregon State University – Cascades boasts many benefits for students. Senior Roxanne Kanable is currently enrolled in the Natural Resources program on the OSU Cascades campus and is taking advantage of the various opportunities that the Cascades campus has to offer.

Roxanne is working towards her Natural Resources degree with the Conservation Technology option at OSU- Cascades. What drew her originally to the Cascades campus were the small class sizes, which average about 17 people.  Roxanne explains that the “Cascades campus is a community of students who are all working towards the same goal and have gone through the programs together. We have all gotten to know each other really well and are always willing to help each other with classes.”  With these small class sizes, Roxanne also appreciates that she can have one on one conversations with professors, allowing them to make more personal connections.

Last December, Roxanne had the opportunity to travel internationally to Costa Rica with her Natural Resources class. There, Roxanne was able to study the energy systems that Costa Rica has in place and how they are striving to be carbon neutral. On this trip she was also able to be a part of a short internship sampling trees that were being used in reforestation projects.

With her Natural Resources degree, Roxanne hopes to go into water resource management and be able to work with children to enhance their appreciation for the environment. She previously worked with the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council teaching environmental education to kids from kindergarten to eighth grade. She taught them about the watershed they live in and how their actions affect the rest of the watershed. Roxanne explains that natural resource education is important and makes people gain a “respect for nature and by teaching them they gain knowledge and are encouraged to make a difference in the world.”

Roxanne is also an R.A. on the Cascades campus and is a first year student mentor. As a R.A. and mentor, she works with others to provide different articles, videos, and events for incoming students to inspire community excellence and wellness. While she isn’t working, she enjoys skiing on Mount Bachelor and taking hikes around the beautiful landscapes of Central Oregon.