Scholarship Requirements and Petition Process

College of Forestry scholarship recipients are required to:

  • Maintain full-time enrollment.  This means registering for and successfully completing a minimum of 12 credits per term. 
  • Students participating in the Degree Partnership Program must take at least 6 (out of at least 12 overall) credits at OSU, and provide the CoF proof of registration at their partner community college prior to the start of each term you are dual enrolled.
  • Make reasonable and continued progress toward your declared College of Forestry major while receiving a scholarship.
  • Maintain the College of Forestry as your primary college.
  • Students participating in the Degree Partnership Program must identify OSU as their primary institution.
  • Write a personal note of thanks to the donor or donor representative.  Donor contact information will be provided to students at the time a scholarship offer is made.
  • Maintain high academic standards (generally defined as earning a 3.0 GPA each term).
  • Apply for scholarships each year for continued eligibility.
  • Promptly inform the College’s scholarship manager of any circumstance that may arise that would put you in jeopardy of failing to fulfill these obligations. 


Petition Process:

Scholarship recipients who find themselves in a situation in which they are unable to meet the requirements listed above may petition the CoF Scholarship Committee.  It is important to note that The College of Forestry is obligated to meet the requirements set forth by donors of each of our scholarships and by the standard protocols that regulate our scholarship program.  This means that we have administrative guidelines that govern scholarship disbursements and processes, and despite our empathy and desire to help alleviate unforeseen hardships students may face, exceptions are uncommon.  However, students who feel strongly about an exception justification, or have made significant steps toward correcting a problem, etc. are welcome to submit a petition for consideration.   Please obtain a petition by contacting the CoF scholarship manager, Kira Hughes, Snell 133, 541-737-3475 or by downloading it here.


Keep in mind that the College of Forestry has limited or no ability to make exceptions for such situations as:

  • part time enrollment
  • changes of major that alter student eligibility and make the scholarship not awardable
  • the terms in which scholarship disbursements are made (Fall, Winter, and Spring terms)
  • expected/anticipated life changes or situations that alter a student’s enrollment status for a given term (starting a new job, birth of a baby, participation in internships, etc.)

The following are a few examples of what may constitute a reasonable reason to petition the CoF Scholarship Committee and for which an exception may be granted:

  • A personal or close family member health crisis* or unexpected death* in the family that resulted in a change in academic performance (below the standard 3.0 GPA) or enrollment level (dropping or withdrawal actions resulting in less than 12 credits per term).
  • The reason for not maintaining high academic standards has been resolved and the student is actively working with university resources toward continued progress.
  • You are participating in a university approved or sanctioned activity or service that affects or impacts performance or enrollment status.


*students should submit medical documentation with the petition to offer validation of the problem.