Mentored Employment Program

The Mentored Employment Program provides College of Forestry (CoF) undergraduate students paid opportunities to work with members of the CoF faculty on research, projects, and/or field experiences. These types of experiences enhance students' professional skills, build important mentor/protégé relationships and guidance while assisting faculty with important work.

CoF undergraduates and post-baccalaureate students, from College of Forestry undergraduate majors, are eligible to apply. Priority funding is available for students from diverse, underrepresented or underserved backgrounds that enhance a pluralistic community in the College. Students whose academic status would benefit from a mentorship experience are encouraged to apply.

The Mentored Employment Program provides a limited amount funding to pay student wages/OPE. Mentored employment opportunities are available during fall, winter and spring terms.


What are mentored employment opportunities?

  • A chance for CoF undergraduates to work with a faculty mentor on a project (research, field, teaching or extension experience) that supports the mission of the college
  • True mentorship opportunities for faculty, adjuncts, and possibly even regional forestry/natural resources/forest products professionals to foster teaching and enhance learning experiences for undergraduate students
  • Meaningful experiences that allow students to explore potential career paths and develop professional relationships

Faculty Mentor - What you need to know

Student Protégé - What you need to know

Deadline Information

 2018-19 Academic Year

Fall through spring term funding

Faculty proposal submission deadline:

September 16, 2019

Student applications deadline:

October 11, 2019

Interviews to be completed and and selected student names submitted to Student Resources & Engagement

October 25, 2019

Work may begin (pending HR approval):

November 11, 2019

MEP funds available for use through spring term:

June 12, 2020


Questions about the Mentored Employment Program can be directed to Brooke Harrington in the Student Resources & Engagement Office located in 133 Snell Hall or (541) 737-1593.