Employment Opportunities

The OSU College of Forestry prides itself on educating and preparing its students to be competent, innovative, and professional members in the broad field of forestry, natural resources, and renewable materials. Students in all of our programs are encouraged, and for some majors, required, to have work experience in their chosen fields prior to graduation. To help students in the task of finding suitable positions, we have developed a list of agencies, search engines, and our own online job page. Students are also encouraged to visit the OSU Career Development Center at A110 Kerr Administration Building, or at their website, to have their resume reviewed and to learn helpful tips for being hired. Look below for more information on agencies and search engines.  We've also developed a "Job Fair & Interview Tips" guide.  Please take a look for some good ideas!


The College of Forestry conducts a Pre-Graduation Employment survey towards the end of each academic term.  We ask our graduates to tell us about their immediate post-graduation plans (e.g. employment, further education, etc.).  For the 2016-17 cohort of graduates we have compiled a list of jobs, employers, salary, etc. which were reported to us via these Pre-Graduation Employment surveys.  Please note that not all graduates responded to our survey, so the report below is a small sampling of students and should not be viewed as a complete list of graduates and their employment outcomes. Additionally, some positions may be part-time or seasonal (rather than permanent, full-time).