College of Forestry Premier Scholarships

The College of Forestry awards students over $500,000 annually through various scholarships, and some of these scholarships are particularly generous. These premier scholarships are vital to our efforts at assisting our students financially and are described below.  Be sure to read all about the application process and deadline!


Wendell Oliver Walker Scholarship

The Walker Family Foundation generously supports students in the College of Forestry through the Wendell Oliver Walker Scholarship.  This scholarship is available to outstanding students pursuing a bachelor's degree within the professional forestry programs: Forest Engineering and Forestry - Management and Operations options.  Students must also be U.S. citizens who demonstrate high financial need.  Oregon residents are preferred.  Two scholarships in the amount of $9,000 each will be renewable beyond the first year of the award for up to three years as long as students maintain full-time enrollment and at least a 3.25 GPA.


Dorothy D. Hoener Memorial Scholarship

The Dorothy D. Hoener Memorial Fund is an endowment originated through the estate of  by Edgar P. Hoener and has been  in operation since 1986 with more than  two million dollars in scholarship awards. The fund provides financial assistance to up to eighteen undergraduate and five graduate Hoener Scholars annually. All recipients of the celebrated award are selected on the basis of academic achievement, professional potential, and a commitment to forestry.

Edgar P. Hoener was born in St. Louis in 1898 and moved to Portland, Oregon, as a young man with no money to speak of. In this new city he found a mentor, George M. Cornwall, who founded the international products journal The Timberman and was an active and popular member of the Board of Regents at Oregon State College (which eventually became Oregon State University). Hoener worked his way up the organization, eventually becoming the vice-president of The Timberman and Cornwall’s right-hand man. When, in 1951, Cornwall unfortunately died, Hoener succeeded him as the president of The Timberman.

Hoener decided to show his gratitude to his old friend and the industry that allowed him to make his fortune by establishing an endowment to encourage the study of forestry and named the fund after his beloved wife, Dorothy D. Hoener, who died after nine years of marriage in 1957.

John Crowell, Thomas Maness, Dick Dahlin, John Shelk, Dave Bowden and Milton Mittelstedt are the Dorothy D. Hoener Memorial Advisory Committee members and oversee the use and investment of the fund.


Autzen Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship was first awarded in 1956, with the objective of supporting an outstanding undergraduate majoring in Forestry.  A scholarship of $7600 is awarded annually to a meritorious student.


Joe M. Crahane Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1968, as a memorial to Joe M. Crahane.  The goal is to provide one or more undergraduate student scholarships in the College of Forestry to top incoming freshman in our Forest Management, Forest Engineering, or Renewable Materials programs.  Oregon residents receive preference.  A scholarship of $6000 is awarded annually to a meritorious student.


Oregon Forest Industries Council Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2008, and offers three to five scholarships for students seeking Forest Management, Forest Operations management, Forest Engineering, Forest/Civil Engineering, or Renewable Materials students.  Awards generally range from $5000-8000 per student.  Additionally, scholarships are available to incoming students at any grade level who have post-graduation intentions to work in the forest industry.  Awards will not exceed the cost of full tuition and fees anticipated for the academic year.


Oregon Society of American Foresters Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1989.  The scholarship is open to juniors, seniors, or post-baccalaureate students who are enrolled full time (minimum 12 credit hours) in one of the undergraduate degree programs of the College accredited by the Society of American Foresters.  There are several other criteria for the award and the ideal candidate will exhibit a high potential for success and leadership in a forestry-related profession based upon previous personal, professional, or academic experience and future goals and ambitions.  He/she will also provide evidence that they actively participate or plan to actively participate in the SAF student chapter, local professional chapter, or the state (OSAF) Executive Committee, or similar professional outreach activities.


Albert Powers, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1972, the Powers Scholarship provides in-state tuition to an undergraduate student and Oregon resident who shows professional potential.  Recipient should be seeking a degree in some phase of industrial forestry, industrial forestry management or forest biology.


Willamette Industries Legacy Scholarship Fund

This is an endowed scholarship established in 2002, to provide scholarships for OSU students while continuing Willamette Industries’ tradition fostering creative initiative, autonomous thinking, sustainable vision, and commitment to the larger world.  Full-time undergraduates with junior or senior standing with declared major the OSU Colleges of Forestry, Business, or Engineering are eligible.  Students should have a demonstrated interest in the forest industry through internships & related coursework.   A scholarship of $6500 is awarded annually to meritorious students in each of the three colleges mentioned above.