COF Recognized Student Organizations


The purpose of College of Forestry Recognized Student Organizations is to provide students with a variety of opportunities that contribute to your growth and education. These activities occur outside of the classroom and offer leadership roles, experiential learning opportunities, activities designed to engage in community service, and exposure to  diverse ideas or experiences.  



Recognized Student Organizations within the College of Forestry are under the oversight of the Office of the Associate Dean of Student Success.  The Student Resources & Engagement Office carries out administrative functions on the behalf of the Associate Dean.

There are two types of Recognized Student Organizations (RSO): Sponsored Student Organizations and Voluntary Student Organizations. Each club/organization in the College is responsible for understanding and following the specific set of policies that govern the type of RSO agreement that has been granted by the College of Forestry for the given academic year.

Student clubs are responsible for understanding and adhering to these and all of the requirements of being a Recognized Student Organization at OSU, including the RSO Financial Guidelines.  

To help provide guidance to SSOs in the College of Forestry we have created a Student Clubs Guidebook. Please use this as a reference for your goals, activities, reports, etc. throughout the year.

Additionally, you may seek assistance or information from:

Alison Luce, CoF Student Clubs Liaison, 123 Snell Hall, 541-737-4670, cofstudentclubs@oregonstate.edu
CoF Student Resources & Engagement Office, 133 Snell Hall, 541-737-1594
OSU Student Leadership & Involvement, Student Experience Center, 541-737-2101