Additional Experiential Education Opportunities & Resources

In addition to Cooperative Education, Mentored Employment, International Programs, SEEDS and Undergraduate Experiential Education Funds the following resources and opportunities are available. 


Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship & Creativity (URISC)

URISC (or the Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Creativity) program is designed to create opportunities for students to engage in the scholarly and creative activities with our diverse world-class faculty. The URISC program provides resources to students to better enable them to work with artists, engineers, scientists, public policy specialists, humanists, health experts, or any of a wide range of other professionals.


URSA (Undergraduate Research Scholarship and the Arts)

URSA facilitates undergraduate engagement in scholarly and creative independent projects mentored by faculty in all disciplines at Oregon State University.


Student Sustainability Initiative Grants

The OSU Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI) is a student-fee funded, student-coordinated program within the Department of Student Leadership and Involvement that works to advance student efforts to create a culture of sustainability at OSU.

SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship)

Value of Experiential Learning Study - An employers perspective

Research data on employers’ perceptions of the value of internships, volunteering, and work experience during college!