Tamara Cushing

Tamara Cushing is an Assistant Professor, Starker Chair and Extension Appointment for the College of Forestry.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry from the University of Florida and two Masters from Mississippi State in Forest Economics and Taxation.  In addition she received a PhD in Forest Finance from the University of Georgia. 

Cushing chose forestry because she wanted to save the environment and trees.  While taking one of her classes, a “light” turned on in her head and she realized there was a wide use for the land and that not necessarily everything has to be saved.

Currently Cushing is looking at tax issues and how they impact private land owners.  She would like to make sure that private land owners have the ability to make a profit.  Cushing’s Starker Chair was created by the Starker Family for someone to focus on issues that affect private land owners.  The position provides her with an opportunity to target concerns of private and family centric forestry and evaluates what is important to them.

Cushing says that the Pacific Northwest is the most exciting place she has been because the trees grow big and there are big operations unlike Florida where everything is ground based and routine because of the flat terrain.  But in Oregon, there is something special about seeing a cable logging system and seeing logs fly through the air!

Cushing was led to Oregon State University and the College of Forestry because it is well known that it’s the best Forestry program in the country.  She never thought she would be here and it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.  She feels like she has been given the opportunity to work with the best in the College of Forestry.