Meet the Ambassadors

Name: Alyssa Forest

Major of Study: Natural Resources with an option in Natural Resource Policy and Management

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Why I am studying in the College of Forestry: When I initially attended, I started out majoring in Graphic Design until the beginning of my third year. I changed my major to Natural Resources because I wanted to apply my love of the outdoors to protecting the environment with my degree. Natural Resources gives me the change to learn all of the science surrounding natural areas, along with the policies that have the ability to shape their future. I hope to be a bridge between science and policy, so that the decisions of our leaders reflect the best possible future.

Other details I would like to share: I grew up in Sacramento my entire life. Being in Northern Central California, I grew up near amazing landscapes including blue Lake Tahoe, beautiful Yosemite, and the monumental Redwood Forests inspired a deep-rooted love for natural landscapes in me. My family always loved outdoor recreation, and adventuring through the beautiful forests of California gave me a sense of responsibility to respect the environment. When it came to choosing a university, the beautiful state of Oregon practically called my name.

When I visited Oregon State University, it truly felt like home. The town of Corvallis combined with the welcoming campus was the right choice for me instantly, and I knew there was nowhere else I’d rather attend college.

I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to be a Student Ambassador for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources. I hope to learn leadership skills that will help shape my future career, and encourage new and prospective students to realize their true potential through Oregon State University. Go Beavs!


Name: Krystal Lemhouse

Major of Study: Natural Resources with an option in Sustainable Agroforestry and a minor in Spanish

Hometown: Junction City Oregon

Why I am studying in the College of Forestry: Though I do not fully know where I want to go in my career, I feel confident that Natural Resources is the major for me.  It is a growing, flexible and diverse field and I feel that fits me perfectly.  This summer I will be studying abroad in Peru to study fungi in the Amazon and in Ecuador to work in the local communities while experiencing the culture and hopefully improving my Spanish.  I feel these opportunities will really open my eyes and point me in the direction I would like my life to take.  Eventually, I would like to go into the Peace Corps and work with plants and people to conserve, protect and restore the forests in third world countries.   I feel that I will be most fulfilled by working with those who use the forests as their livelihoods and where I could see I was actively making a difference.

Other details I would like to share: All my life, the outdoors have been my calling. From a barefoot, wild child running among the flowers, to working on the family nursery and farm to now becoming a Natural Resource major, the natural world has always been a big part of my life.  In high school, I balanced sports, student government and many other volunteer and extracurricular activities, but they just could not compete for my attention when it came between one of those events versus any chance I could go hiking or just be in nature.

Growing up in Junction City, just a thirty-five minute drive from campus, I knew I needed to branch out.  I decided to explore any opportunity that Oregon State offered.  Today, I am a member of Delta Gamma, participate in any intramural I can sign up for and last year I coordinated a color run for two local charities.

Oregon State has been quite the adventure so far, but I cannot wait to see what is in store for me while being an Ambassador.

I am so thankful for this opportunity as an Ambassador to grow and learn even more right beside my awesome team members.


Name: Jerry Risk

Major of Study: Natural Resources with an option in Watershed Management, Minor in Chemistry

Hometown: Sutherlin, OR

Why I am studying in the College of Forestry: I started at Oregon State as a Bioresource Research major but decided to make the change to Natural Resources when I realized that research wasn’t a path I wanted to pursue. I chose Natural Resources because of my love and passion for the outdoors. I want future generations to be able to enjoy the outdoors just as much as I do and in order for that to happen we need educated individuals making an impact and difference in managing our natural resources.

Other details I would like to share: All throughout my childhood I can remember hunting, fishing, hiking, or just being outside with my dad. The outdoors are something I’ve known and loved ever since I can remember. My passion for the outdoors as well as being involved in production agriculture throughout my life is what drew me to the National FFA Organization in high school. However, I had no idea how big of an impact it would have on my life.

During my time as an FFA member I participated in many Career Development Events but it was the Environmental and Natural Resources CDE that I enjoyed the most because of its tie back to my passion for the outdoors. After representing Oregon nationally in this CDE I knew this was an area that I wanted to pursue a career in.

I am excited to represent Oregon State University as an Ambassador for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources and hope to help current, future, and prospective students realize all of the great opportunities and resources available for them within the Colleges of Agriculture and Forestry.


Name: Danica Ruud

Major of Study: Forest Engineering

Hometown: Portland, OR

Why am I studying in the College of Forestry: In my senior year of high school, I was admitted into the University Honors College at OSU. At that point I began to research OSU’s programs to see if there was a degree that would be a good fit for me. That is when I came across the Forest Engineering degree at Oregon State. The moment I first saw that degree I knew it was for me. I had found something that combined all the aspects I was seeking in a career major.  

When I started classes in the College of Forestry last fall I fell in love immediately and am continuing to enjoy all my Forest Engineering classes, making lots of friends along the way.

Other details I would like to share: I was born and raised in a tight knit neighborhood, close to the heart of downtown Portland. My mom being a forestry educator and dad being tired of the closeness of city life, would always pack me into the car on the weekends and drive out to the forest to experience nature. Much of my childhood was spent going on hikes in the Gorge and taking road trips to National Parks. Since I was a kid I have always loved being outside exploring nature, whether it’s hiking, skiing, fishing, camping or just simply being outside.

In high school I discovered that I really enjoyed math and science. I was encouraged by my teachers and parents to look into possibly pursuing an engineering degree. I started looking into all the different types of Engineering, working in a few Engineering labs, and found that they all where jobs that required a lot of inside work. I knew that I couldn’t see myself working inside all day and was stuck on if there was a degree path that could allow me to work with math and science, but also allow me to be outside in nature.

I am excited to continue with my studies in Forest Engineering as well as having the privilege of representing Oregon State’s colleges of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources as an Ambassador this year. I look forward to being on the team and sharing the colleges with prospective students, building leadership skills along the way. Thank you for the opportunity to represent Oregon State University and the Colleges of Agricultural Science, Natural Resources, and Forestry.

College of Forestry Ambassador Coordinator                                                        

 McKenzie Huber                                                            

 Oregon State Alumna

 B.S. '10, Ed.M '12                                                 

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Ambassador Student Director

Auna Godinez

Major: B.S. Renewable Materials with an option in art and design

Minor: Spanish

About the Student Director: The Ambassador Student Director serves as a representative for the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry. The primary responsibility is to assist the program coordinators with the administration of the Ambassador program.