About the College of Forestry Ambassador Program

Mission and Values-

The mission of the College of Forestry Ambassadors is to connect on- and off- campus communities to the colleges and to Oregon State University as a whole. The values that we hold in completing this mission are: (1) building relationships, (2) expanding horizons, (3) inclusive communities, and (4) collaboration with others.


The College of Forestry (COF) Ambassador program is partnered with College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS). If you are interested in learning more about CAS, please click here. COF and CAS work strategically together to plan training and professional development opportunities for both programs.


The College of Forestry Ambassadors have set the following goals for 2016-17:

  1. Have positive experiences and define personal stories
  2. Develop the Ambassador message
  3. Maximize team efficiency
  4. Gain a better understanding of the university, facilities, research projects, majors and career paths available to future students.