Transfer Credit

Articulation guides are provided to assist transfer students and Degree Partnership Program students in planning coursework efficiently.  Every effort is made to keep these guides up to date, but curriculum is always evolving.  The OSU Catalog provides the most up to date curricular requirements for College of Forestry programs. Students transferring to OSU will be required to complete the degree requirements outlined in the catalog for the year they matriculated.  For example, students entering OSU in fall 2015 will be required to complete the curriculum in the 2015-2016 catalog, regardless of changes made to the curriculum in subsequent years. 


 Transfer credit at OSU - includes community college articulations, a single-course search tool, and information about credit awarded for AP/IB, CLEP, Military experience, etc.

General articulation information for Oregon community colleges is available online, but may not reflect specific courses in College of Forestry majors.

OSU's Baccalaureate Core Equivalencies outline transferrable courses from two-year colleges in Oregon and Hawaii.

The Transfer Course Search  can help determine how credits from institutions outside of Oregon will transfer to OSU.  Again, many courses in the College of Forestry majors may not be reflected in this tool.  


The Transfer Guides below include the major requirements for the first two years (freshman & sophomore) as well as the general education requirements.  They do not include the upper-division courses required in the junior and senior years.  The full listing of course requirements can be found in the OSU Catalog.

Questions about articulations can be directed to:
Nicole Kent, Manager of Undergraduate Curricula & Advising

Oregon Transfer Forms

Oregon Coast Community College

Oregon Coast CC credits are transcripted by Portland Community College.  Please see PCC listing for course equivalencies.