Academic Advising in the College of Forestry



The College of Forestry provides professional academic advisors who are experts on your curriculum, College and University policies, and student development.  Our primary purpose is to assist our students in making the most of this educational opportunity. Your Forestry advisor will stay with you from orientation to graduation.



You can expect your advising appointments to be 30 minutes of one-on-one  time with your academic advisor.  You and your advisor will both prepare in advance—reviewing your MyDegrees page, preparing questions, and looking ahead. 

During your appointment, you will review your progress to date, make course plans for the upcoming term, discuss opportunities and resources pertinent to your goals, and track your progress toward graduation.

While your advisor is here to assist and guide you, your educational choices are yours to make.  We advise and you decide.



COF students are required to meet with their academic advisor at least once per quarter, and are welcome to meet more often.  Your advising appointments should occur around these holidays:

Fall Term        Halloween

Winter Term   Valentine’s Day

Spring Term   Cinco de Mayo

It’s always okay to call, email, or drop in with questions.



COF advising offices are located on the fourth floor of Snell Hall. The Student Resources & Engagement Office is on the first floor of Snell.



Research has shown that good academic advising is a major contributor to student retention and success.  Sure, you can probably follow your MyDegrees page on your own to determine what courses are required for your degree, but that’s only a small part of what happens with your academic advisor.  We will help you stay on track, make efficient use of your time and tuition dollars, and take advantage of opportunities to build your resumé, explore your chosen field, and get connected within Forestry and OSU.  We care about you and your success!



The easiest way to schedule your advising appointment is through our online systemYou can set up email and text reminders when you schedule your appointment.  If you get stuck, you can always call or drop in!

OSU students changing into the College of Forestry

In order to change to a College of Forestry major, current OSU students must be in good academic standing (as defined in Academic Regulation #22), and have an OSU cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher.  


Academic Success Survey

If instructed to do so, please complete this survey and bring it to your academic advising appointment